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Path to Success

Life is a Journey
Life is a journey of constant learning and growing. You must never give up in the face of life's challenges.
Your thoughts are important
Be positive and thinking about success not failure. The world class athletes know that they have to mentally rehearse achieving their goal constantly before they run the race or make the jumps.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Know what your goals are. Write them down and your plan to achieve them. Then share that plan with people who can help. Ask them for advise and suggestions to achieve your goals.
Get going!
Take actions to get started on implementing that plan. You can start with small steps, but take action. Goals without actions are just day dreams.
Never Give Up
You will have problems and set backs. You will have surprises. So, if your goal is important to you, then you have to respond to the problems and find alternatives. Life is a marathon. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Never give up on something that is important to you.
Learn, Learn, Learn —
Pay attention to the facts, then make your decisions.
The facts and the details are real and they are critical to making your action plan achievable. Pay attention to the facts and details that will impact your plans. Get all the revenant inputs you can, then make a decision and move on. You do not have to have all the facts. No one ever does.
Focus your time and money
Don't let others set the agenda for how you spend your time and money. It is your life.
Don't be afraid to innovate

The world only gets better when people innovate and find better ways to do things. An idea by itself is worthless until somebody can use it in a worthwhile way to make their life better.

Also, remember that if you follow the herd on what others are doing, then you will only be in the middle of the herd.

Deal with people honestly and with respect.
Other people also have their lives and goals. Always treat people with equal respect and caring. Learn how to motivate and work with people. People cooperating together on common goals can achieve much more than individuals working alone. You can see the results all around you in the world today.
Take responsibility
Take ownership and responsibility for your life. After all it is your life and your goals you are working to achieve. When you commit to do something to help others, do it. Just make it so.

These ideas and notes are based on my experience and readings over the years. Investor Business Daily has a great deal feature with their view on the 10 Secrets to Success. - John Giudice

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