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June 8, 2003


How To use Groove Web Services in your application

Building Collaborative Applications How To work with Groove Web Services

New - Using Groove Web Services
June 1, 2003
Info Explorer - A new application I have written to explore what you can do in building collaborative applications using Groove Web Services.


Programming with VB.NET and related Q&A Naming your variables, methods and properties is an important are of making your programs understandable by others. Or, even yourself coming back to a program later. The team at Microsoft has published some naming guidelines when working with .NET applications. Click here for the Guidelines

Data Tables with unique values

How can I use XP Themes with Windows Forms?

Events in your application code

Regular Expressions and Check Email Addresses

Good Article on using .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1 with your applications (Written by the folks at 3 Leaf Solutions)

Groove Programming Q&A

How are Groove Account Folder Names created?

Groove Seek for Auto Updating Your Application

Groove Record Fields - There are a number of standard fields that every Groove record has automatically.

Working with Groove Web Services

GWS Account and Space Information Here is a starter example for using Groove Web Services (local to the PC) to find out what accounts are on a device. Then you can get the spaces and contacts associated with an account. Next for a space, you can find out what Files and Discussion Tools are in the space. You can also find out who are the members of the space.

In the zip file you will see a word document with some brief information about working with this example. Also note this is a starting example. There is a lot more you can do using Groove Web Services. Please give me your ideas and feedback on this current example.

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