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Groove Nonce

The Groove Nonce is a value you need for accessing Groove information locally on the PC system Groove is running. The nonce value is stored in the Window's registry and is changed each time Groove starts up. If a program has the current value of the nonce, then Groove knows that it is running locally for the specific user, and will respond to Web Service requests using that current value. Note, no other user on the PC would be able to access the Groove information of the user, without logging in that User's account on the PC. On some Windows OS (e.g. Windows 98)  the account login is providing weak protection, while on other Windows OS (e.g. Windows XP Pro) the user protection is quite strong.

Some people may consider reading the registry key value every before making every call is expensive and choose to read once and cache it in memory for future use in the application. If you program that approach, you will want to test for an error when you access Groove information using GWS. If the user shuts down Groove and restarts it, then the Groove Nonce is changed and your application will need to refresh its current value.

To get the current nonce value, your application needs to examine the Registry key for the current user:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Groove Networks, Inc.\Groove\WebServices\WebServicesNonce and get the current value.

Friend gwsWebServicesRegKey As Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey = _
   Microsoft.Win32.Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey _  
   ("Software\\Groove Networks, Inc.\\Groove\\WebServices")
Function gwsNonce() As

Again, the nonce is changed each time Groove starts and by using a function to get the current value the application will always be working with the current value, even if the user restarted Groove while your application was running.

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