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Associated with each Groove Account/Identity is a set of shared spaces. To get the current spaces for an account identity you need to construct an IdentityURI and then use the GrooveSpaces web service. This will return an array of Spaces.

The Nonce is changed every time Groove is started. See this page for how to get the current Nonce.

Private Sub GetSpaces(ByVal IdentityURI As StringByVal SpacesURI As String)
        Me.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor
        Dim gSpaces As New gwsSpaces.GrooveSpaces()
        Dim mySpaces() As gwsSpaces.Space
        Dim numLocalSpaces, numOtherSpaces, numContacts As Integer

        With gSpaces
            .GrooveHeaderValue = New gwsSpaces.GrooveHeader()
            .GrooveHeaderValue.GrooveNonce = gwsNonce()
            .GrooveHeaderValue.GrooveIdentityURL = IdentityURI

            .Url = gwsHost & SpacesURI
        End With
            mySpaces = gSpaces.Read
        Catch ex As Exception
            Me.Cursor = Cursors.Default
        End Try
        'Your code here to work with the spaces
End Sub

Groove Space information object

Property Description Type
Created When the space was created (read only) Date
Description Description of the space String
IdentityURL The account/identity associated with this account String
Local This indicates if the space is local on this system. With Groove an account can be on multiple PCs and some spaces may not be local to the specific PC being used. Before accessing any specific information in a space, you should confirm that it is locally available. Boolean
Members An array of member identity URLs (strings) for the current members of this space. You need to look up the members contact information to get their names and if they are on line or offline. You can also uses these member identity URLs to send messages to a space member. String
Modified When the shared space information was last changed (read only) Date
Name The name of the space String
Tools This is a URI that is used when you are accessing the tool information for this space. String
URI URI for this space. This can be used to view the space in the Groove transceiver using the GrooveTransceiver web service. String

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