Picture Manager

by JWG Solutions, LLC

Product Overview:

What does this application do for you

Over the past several years I have built up a collection of photos and pictures that have been important in our lives. However, I had a big problem managing and organizing them on my computer over the years. I would lose track of the pictures and which folders I had them in. When I moved to a new computer, this problem became even worse with pictures all of the place. Then I got a smart phone and have been having a lot of fun taking pictures with it, but where the pictures where was even more of a challenge.

I tried a number of different ideas and approaches for managing all these pictures and also all the pictures I was taking with my smart phone. I didn�t find anything that was working well for me. So, I started talking to friends about what they were doing and found that other people were also quite challenged with this.

So, I decided to build out a new Windows application to really address this problem for myself and hopefully for my friends. After a long process of building and experimenting with ideas for picture management I have got to a good level of functionality for addressing the overall problem of picture management for my pictures across my computer and my photos from my smart phone.

How does it work?

The application helps in two ways. First is a master catalog of all the known pictures on your computer that you want it to keep track of. The other is a feature to allow you to build albums of collections of pictures that might be family events, great trips you have taken, memories of important life events or any topic that you want.

The catalog keeps track of each picture like a library catalog. For every picture there is an info card for that picture which has information about the picture. The application keeps track of where the actual picture file is in the card and when you want to open the picture or add it to an album, then application accesses the picture in the computer file system where it is.

It will also allow you to easily create and organizer photos into picture albums. You can also share or export an album of pictures. This makes it easy to share your picture albums.

Download and Install:

Picture Manager

Click here to download and install the current version. This file is about 3.8 MB.


  • There is no charge for this version of the application, but registration is required for full feature use. Future versions will have a small charge to help fund further development.
Key Features:
  • Easily organize and manage all the pictures you care about.
  • All files are keep in their original locations, and the application allows you to group or organize your files in multiple collections. A file can be any number of collections
  • You can export a collection of pictures or files ready to post on your web site for sharing.
Release Date - October 10, 2019

Build 34 - Released October 10, 2019

  • 7/22/19 - Added an option to enable or disable checking for duplicate pictures when adding picture files to the catalog or an album to help you manage when you want to check for duplicate picture files in the catalog.
  • 7/9/19 - Continuing to simplifying the UI where ever possible based on helpful feedback from the users.
  • Improved performance on loading the catalog with thousands of pictures
  • Revised the screen showing duplicate pictures to make it clearer about the duplicate pictures you have.
  • Number of improvements to the performance of the application
Picture Manager Catalog View
Support and Q + A
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Supported on Microsoft Windows 10 This product supports the following Microsoft Products:
  • Windows 10
Ad-ware and Viruses? This application has no adware. Also, the application is developed and built on systems with antivirus software that is updated daily.