Alternative Energy Technologies


Key Alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources

There are a number of available technologies being used to generate energy (electrical and transportation fuel) that do not consume fossil fuel and don't add carbon dioxide to the earth's atmosphere.

Solar Energy - Photovoltaic



Solar Energy - Thermal systems

The key principal of thermal solar systems to to collect the heat from the sun and use it to warm up a fluid that will transfer the heat to where it can be used. One example of this are the solar thermal systems used for heating water systems to provide hot water to a home or business.

The other major example of this is power stations that concentrate a lot of solar heat to generate electrical power. These are large investment systems that typically use mirrored collectors to concentrate the heat energy and typically warm up a molten salt. This molten salt is heated to a high temperature and then moved to a heat exchanger that creates steam. The steam is then used to drive a conventional power turbine.

Wind Power




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