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What are the important technologies and trends would welcome your thoughts and feedback on what you see as the important areas and why.

Some personal application products for you to try:

Calendar Inspirations
Calendar application for keeping track of important dates and inspirations.
Ideas for success
This application allows you to easily create comparison matrices. You simple enter in your alternatives you want to compare, then enter in the key features you want to rate each alternative on. Now you have an easy way to enter in your ratings for each alternative, by feature and set a rating value. As you are doing this the application keeps are running score for each alternative. This is an easy easy to help you and the teams you work with keep track of the comparison information about your choices.
An easy application to help you manage and organize all the photos, documents and files you are using on your PC.
This is an application to easily allow you to keep a personal journal of ideas, notes and tracker where you spend your time. Also a great tool to help you track time spent on consulting projects where you are billing a client. Targeted to be really easy to use. Let us know what you think.